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So Calling Spade a Spade is moving to a new blogging platform,! Yay! I don’t know if that is very exciting news but it is for me. I think the new platform will encourage me to write more and be motivated to update it all the time. (*cross fingers*) Please support me! :)

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Does anyone ever read my blog? I don’t think so. I’m pretty irrelevant in this world. Meep. 

So I’ve been MIA the past few months, and there’s no valid reason for my absence but nevertheless I am back. I’ll try to update this more often as I can. Juggling a new blog and being in college is ton of work and takes loads of your time too! 

But, yeah! I’ll try to make more posts! Good luck to me! 

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DIY Skull cut out shirt.

I know that a DIY skull shirt has been done a lot of times but instead of posting a nonsense picture of my look bragging about it. I’d rather brag about something I made. 

Making a DIY skull shirt is easier than you think. Although, it takes practice and a whole lot of patience. I made one a few months ago and it looked horrible and now, I had the guts to do it again! So if you guys wanna know how to do a DIY Skull shirt, keep reading. 

So first off the supplies we need are:

  1. An old shirt. This is the most important material for this project! It can be any size shirt but a bigger size shirt would look more appropriate for this. 
  2. Some writing materials. Use a writing material that would be seen when you draw on your shirt. For example, I used chalk because my shirt is a dark blue color. If your shirt is white I suggest using a black Sharpie or a black marker. 
  3. Scissors. I suggest having different sizes of scissors, because some areas are difficult to cut with big scissors and vice versa. 
  4. A board that will fit inside your shirt. It’s not shown clearly in the pictures but I inserted a wooden board inside my shirt while I was drawing my template, so that I would have an easier time drawing my template. But you can skip this if you want to.

Let’s get on with the DIY-ing! 

Step 1 - Lay all your materials on your workplace. ( I’d suggest doing this on the floor because it gives you a whole lot of space.)


Step 2 - Insert the board inside the shirt. If you don’t have a board it’s okay. Then draw your template on the back of your shirt. It doesn’t have to be perfect it will just serve as your guide. 


Step 3 - A few snips here and a few snaps there, and voila! You’re done! Just be careful in cutting the fabric because you might make a mistake and it’s the end of your skull shirt’s life. 


This is the finished product! Hope you try it! 



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April 1st marks the beginning of summer. (What time is it? SUMMER TIME. It’s our vacation!) So to commemorate the first day of summer I filmed a three look lookbook for you guys!

The three looks compose:

  1.  Night Time Look - I wore pants with an Aztec shirt and I paired it with my DIY galaxy vans. Aztec shirts are all the rage this season and in my opinion it matched perfectly with the baggy jeans that I wore.
  2. Summer Roadtrip Look - I wore blue shorts, a DIY bleached muscle shirt, and I wore my boots. I accessorized with a small fedora and vintage wayfarers from Ray Ban. This look is very appropriate for a summer getaway or road trip because it is laid back, comfortable, and stylish at the same time.
  3. Outdoor Lunch Look - I wore checkered shorts, a blue polo shirt, I reused my DIY galaxy vans. I accessorized with gray over sized glasses. This look is good for outdoor lunch because it looks formal and casual at the same time.
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American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle Outfitters is now in the Philippines!!!!

American Eagle Outfitters,  a leading global retailer offering high quality clothing and accessories is now in the Philippines!

The first store opened on March 1, 2013 located at Bonifacio High Street. The franchise stores will be operated by Suyen Corporation,  a leading retailer and franchise throughout the Philippines. 

American Eagle Outfitters has been rapidly expanding there presence in the international retailing scene for the past four years. With 45 franchised stores throughout 11 countries. They have branches opened in Russia, Poland, China, Hong Kong, Israel to name a few.

About American Eagle Outfitters Inc.

American Eagle Outfitters Inc. is an American clothing and accessories retailer, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was founded on 1977 by brothers Jerry and Mark Silverman. 

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Fashion tips for teenage boys.

With hair growing everywhere and troubles with acne, teenage boys barely have the time to worry about the do’s and don’ts of fashion. With these tips I’m sure the road to manhood will be a less bumpier ride. 

  1. The first rule is to find clothing that makes you comfortable. If you’re having second thoughts with the shirt you’re wearing, change! 
  2. Second, find your own sense of style. If you have a certain outfit that makes you feel more confident and stylish in, stock up on pieces in that certain style.
  3. Mix it up once in a while. If you’ve found your own sense of style, try to mix it up a little. Instead of wearing normal dark jeans and a simple tee, try wearing khaki pants and a button down. Wearing the same thing all the time will cause you to blend in with everyone else, but changing it up once in a while will make you more dynamic.
  4. Don’t follow trends to closely. Trends come and go, but your fashion sense will be forever. Chances are that a trend that you follow today will be gone in two or three weeks.
  5. Matching is key. Make sure that the colors of your clothing match! Don’t mix and match prints together! Although it may look good on somebody else, it may look stupid on you.
  6. Don’t go out wearing a wrinkled shirt. Make sure all your clothing items, even tee shirts are smooth and wrinkle free. Never go out looking like you just wore a shirt you found on the floor. Even though you’re just wearing a shirt, that little tiny effort of ironing it will make you more fashionable.
  7. If you’re really desperate ask a female. Before you head out the door ask your sister, your mom, or a “girl” friend of how you look. Female’s are great resources for fashion advice.
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First blog post.

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. In the following days I will be posting looks and other fashion related topics. If you have a tumblr you can follow my blog by clicking the follow button above. 



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